Introduction to VendorPayout

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Are you working with multiple vendors and finding it a challenge to manage it all? VendorPayout gives you the tools to save time and money while avoiding errors by automating reports and payouts to your vendors. 

With VendorPayout you can:

  • Assign each vendor a percentage of a fixed amount of your sales

  • Automatically calculate and pay your vendors using PayPal Payout

  • Run reports filtered by dates, vendors, products, or order status and export the data to use in your favorite applications

  • Give fully branded logins to your vendors so that they can view sales and stock levels

How Does VendorPayout Work?

We sync with Shopify Orders once a day. In VendorPayout, we auto-calculate splits for each line item and categorize them by each vendor.

Does the money split in real-time, during checkout?

No. We cannot modify Shopify Checkouts. VendorPayout splits happen after the order has been processed. 

Many store owners pay their vendors monthly, so funds are only transferred at the first of the month.

Do I have to use PayPal Payouts?

No. You can pay your vendors through your own accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, ACH transfer, etc. We offer integrating with PayPal Payouts as a way to automate paying your vendors.

I’m ready to sign up! How do I get started with VendorPayout?

Great! Check out the Get Started with VendorPayout help article. It will guide you through installing and configuring VendorPayout with Shopify.

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