VendorPayout FAQs

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General FAQs

Can you tell me a little more about VendorPayout and how it works?

Happy to! Check out our Introduction to VendorPayout article for more information.

How do I uninstall the VendorPayout app if I need to?

The VendorPayout app can be uninstalled through your Shopify admin

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
  2. In the VendorPayout row, click Uninstall.
  3. In the message that appears, click Uninstall.

Vendor FAQs

Can I manually create a vendor in VendorPayout instead of in Shopify?

Yes. When creating a vendor login, there is an option to create a new vendor directly in VendorPayout on the Create Vendor Accounts page.

When I create a new vendor login, do you email my vendors with that login information?

No. After creating a login for a vendor you will need to reach out to the vendor directly to give them their login information. This is because emails coming directly from VendorPayout can look like spam and go to the spam folder.

Can I add VendorPayout to my Shopify store theme so that vendors can log into VendorPayout without leaving my store?

Yes. See the Embed a VendorPayout Login Page into Your Shopify Store section of the Create & Manage Vendor Logins help article.

How does a vendor reset their VendorPayout login password?

The vendor will need to reach out to you to have you reset their password. Learn how to reset a vendor's password here.

I have a vendor that seems to be missing in VendorPayout. What can I do?

In most cases, vendors are missing in VendorPayout because they were accidentally deleted. Check the Deleted Vendors page. Then, select and restore the vendor. After restoring, you may need to recreate the vendor login for this vendor.

Order FAQs

I just created an order and I don't see it appear in VendorPayout?

VendorPayout only syncs orders once a day in the morning. However, you can manually sync orders any time on the Orders page.

I just installed VendorPayout and it only synced my latest 250 orders. Can VendorPayout sync all orders?

Yes. Please reach out to to let us know that you need to sync more orders.

When you install VendorPayout, it only syncs the latest 250 orders in to save time. However, we can help you sync as many orders as you need to.

I have one order that doesn't fit the normal payout flow. Can I edit the calculations?

Yes, you can customize and edit any order including the payout due to the vendor. Learn more about viewing and editing your orders here.

I made updates to orders in Shopify after they were synced to VendorPayout. Can I recalculate the orders in VendorPayout?

Yes. Learn how to recalculate orders in VendorPayout here.

Payout & Payment FAQs

Does VendorPayout have an auto-payment system?

Yes. VendorPayout can send payouts to your vendors using PayPal Payouts. Learn how to configure VendorPayout with your PayPal account here.

How does VendorPayout calculate payouts on products with a discount applied?

You can specify whether VendorPayout calculates payouts based upon the discounted price or on the full price. Learn more about specifying how payouts are calculated when discounts are applied.

Does VendorPayout calculate tax and shipping?

No. VendorPayout just calculates on the product price.

However, custom deductions, such as taxes or fees, can be added to VendorPayout so that they are taken into account when viewing your order totals. For example, you may wish to add your sales tax percentage as a custom deduction so that your total profit calculations are accurately reflected.

I need VendorPayout to split on Product Tags instead of Vendor name. Is that possible?

Yes. We are constantly adding new overrides to VendorPayout so that you can configure by product tags, titles, or even SKUs. Learn more about creating split overrides.

I need to pay multiple vendors on the sales of single products. Can I split payouts to multiple vendors?

Yes. Check out the Create Split Overrides help article to learn how.

My calculations for Vendors are very complex. Can you help me configure a custom calculation?

Yes. Please contact us at to discuss a customized plan. We understand that no two stores are alike so VendorPayout can be tailored to fit your store's needs.

Can VendorPayout take my cost of goods into account when calculating payouts?

Yes. You can enter your Cost of Good Sold (COGS) into VendorPayout and the costs will be subtracted prior to calculating payouts to your vendors.

I paid several of my vendors outside of VendorPayout and now I need to mark all of those payouts as paid. Can I do this in bulk?

Yes. Learn how to mark payouts as paid in bulk here.

I get a 'Client Authorization' error when attempting to pay a vendor. What can I do? 

This error typically occurs when your PayPal Client ID and/or Secret are incorrectly entered in VendorPayout or when PayPal Payout is not correctly configured in your PayPal Business account. 

  1. Follow the steps in our Add Your PayPal Account article to ensure that your PayPal account is set up correctly.

  2. Log into your PayPal business account. Then, go to Business Tools > Make Payments. Click Payouts and follow the steps to ensure Payouts is configured correctly.

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